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Membership Conditions

Article One

This bylaw shall be called, "Jordan pediatricians association bylaw" and has been issued according to the provisions of article (35) of the Jordan physicians association Law No. 13 for the year 1972.


Article Two: Head Office:

Amman- Head office of the Jordan Physicians Association.


Article Three: Objectives of Association:

a.     Scientific: Improve the scientific level of the pediatricians and encourage scientific research through organizing seminars, lectures, and conferences in which scientific research and personal experience are exhibited in the field of pediatrics.

b.     Professional: Improve the spirit of cooperation between the members, maintain the technical level, and regulate the pediatric profession practice affairs in Jordan and in cooperation with the association council.

c.      Social: Encourage activities intended to create the best relations between the members.

d.     Work hand in hand with the competent associations towards improving and taking care of the children's health.

e.      Cooperate with the Arab, regional and international pediatricians associations, hold conferences, and participate in all pediatric medicine- related activities.

f.       Cooperate with the other Jordanian specialists associations in terms of everything related to the specialization's standard and future, and participate in the scientific activities.


Article Four: Membership:

Those who meet the following conditions will be acceptable to the Pediatricians Associations:


First: Active Member:

Those who meet the following conditions will be acceptable as active members of pediatric medicine Association.

a.     Physician should be registered within the Jordanian physicians Associations.

b.     Should have earned the title of pediatrician according to the current and valid regulations.

c.      Applicant should submit an application for membership accompanied by documents, vouchers, and membership and subscription fees.


Second: Ancillary Member:

 Those who meet one of the following conditions will be acceptable as ancillary members who are not entitled to election or candidacy:

a.     Whoever who has completed the training requirements recognized by the Jordan Medical council.

b.      Whoever who has worked in the field of pediatrics at a medical institution before the Jordan Medical Council Law has gone into effect.


Third: Honorary Membership:

Whoever has extended distinguished service to the pediatric medicine and causes will be accepted by the pediatricians Association as an honorary member who is not entitled to election or candidacy.


Fourth: Sub–Specialty:

A physician who is an Association member shall be considered a sub-specialty pediatrician if the Association Council has granted him/her such a sub-specialty little.


Fifth: Membership Renewal and Elimination:

a.     The membership of each physician who is a member of the association shall be frozen at his/her own request and if he/she has been working or studying away from Jordan for more than one full fiscal year, and as such the physician will not be considered as a member of the general assembly, and will be exempted from paying the annual subscription fees relevant to physicians period of absence. Upon his/her return to Jordan, the physician will resume his Association membership after paying the subscription fees.

b.     In case of member's failure to pay his annual subscription fees for two years, the Association will stop all the services extended to members after notifying him/her there of and such service will be restored only after member's repayment in full of the amount owed by the member.

c.      The General Assembly may, according to the Administrative assembly or the General Assembly or suspend his/her membership for a certain period of time in case of committing any violation against the Association bylaw and objectives by a relative majority of members attending a legal session of the General Assembly. The Association Council shall be informed of this decision.

d.     The member terminated may, in two years from terminating him in case the reasons that led to member's termination, submit an application to the Administrative Assembly requesting restoration of membership to him/her. The Administrative Assembly should submit its recommendation to the General Assembly and the decision should then be taken on a majority basis.



Article Five:  General Assembly:

The General Assembly consists of all members of the Association, and the right to attend its sessions shall be limited to those who paid their annual subscriptions. The Assembly will hold it's regular annual meeting in June each year, and may hold extraordinary session according to an invitation addressed by the Administrative Assembly or according to a request submitted by a quarter of the active members in order to discuss the topic on the agendas of such sessions provided that the meeting will take place in one month from the date of submitting the application.


The meeting of the General Assembly will be legal if it has been attended by an absolute majority of the members who have paid their annual subscriptions one week prior to the time of the meeting. In the event that no majority has been attained for the first time, an invitation will be renewably extended for a meeting to be held in two weeks. The meeting will be legal regardless of the number of attendants.


The annual meeting agenda will include the following items:

1.     Approval of the agenda included in the invitation.

2.     Speech delivered by the chairman of the Association.

3.     Discussion of the Secretary's report.

4.     Discussion of the secretary's report including the fiscal year.

5.     Naming a 5 member committee to oversee elections.

6.     Any other item.


Article Six: Nomination and Election:


a.     The General Assembly will in its annual meeting name a 5-member committee to oversee he election who will elect one of them as a committee chairman.

b.     A candidate for the position of the committee chairman should have been a society member for at least six years. However, a candidate for the Administrative Assembly should have been a society member for at least three years.

c.      Nomination for the position of the society chairman and for the administrative Assembly membership will be opened two weeks prior to the first meeting of the General Assembly and will last for one week to end one week prior to the General Assembly meeting. The nomination application will be submitted in writing to the society's head office, and the society chairman will close the door for nomination and will announce the names of candidates who meet the required conditions.

d.     In the event that only one candidate has applied for the position of chairman, such candidate will be recommended as an uncontested winner, and the candidates for the Administrative Assembly membership will be recommended as uncontested winners if their number is equivalent to the regular number of the Administrative Assembly memberships.

e.      In the event that an insufficient number of candidates applied for candidacy, the society chairman will extend the period of nomination until the day of first meeting of the General Assembly.

f.       The chairman and members of the Administrative Assembly will be elected simultaneously through balloting and on two separate papers and through two different boxes.

g.     Ballot boxes will be opened under the supervision of the Elections committee after the General and on the same day. However, balloting should start at 2:00 P.M for a period of four hours, and ballot boxes will be closed at 6:00 P.M and elections will be legal regardless of the number of voters.

h.     The voters' polls will be counted in public, once the balloting process has been completed, under the supervision of the Election Committee beginning with the chairman's box.

i.       While, illegible and ambiguous papers will be discarded. 

j.       The Elections Supervision Committee will take a decision on the accuracy of the elections procedures and papers, and committee decisions will be final and on the basis of majority of votes.

k.     Whoever has obtained a relative majority will be a winner, and in case of equal votes between two or more candidates, the winner will be the most senior affiliate of the Society.

l.       The chairman of the Election Supervision Committee will announce the result of elections

m.  Contesting election will be submitted to the Association Council during the regular period for decision making to that effect.



Article Seven: Administrative Assembly:

a.     The Administrative Assembly will consist of a chairman and six members to be elected for two years, and the chairman may not be elected for more than two terms consecutively.

b.     The Administrative Assembly will meet after the elections to appoint one of its members as vice-chairman, a secretary and his deputy, treasurer and his deputy, scientific committee reporter, and social committee reporter.

c.      The vice-chairman will carry out the chairman tasks in case of his absence outside the kingdom, or in case the chairman is unable to practice his works, or if he has been requested by the chairman to do so. In the event that the chairman's position has become vacant, the vice-chairman will replace the chairman until the time of the ordinary annual meeting of the general Assembly in which a new Society chairman will be elected.

d.     The secretary will perform the secretarial works of the Administrative and General Assemblies.

e.      The treasure will be responsible for taking care of the financial matters and Society's accounts, and will keep official records to that effect.

f.       The Scientific Committee reporter will follow-up on the scientific activities and programmes within the conferences, and will issue the credit-hours certificates for the continuing medical education according to the regulations and instruction in effect at the Association and at the Jordan medical Council.

g.     The social committee rapporteur will organize social activities annual and introduction parties, and any activities approved by the Administrative Assembly.

h.     In the event that the secretary or the treasurer has not been able to carry their takes, the administrative assembly will request some of its member to replace them.

i.       A member who has been absent from the elections session shall be entitled to apply for candidacy in writing. It is impermissible to appoint a representative in election

j.       In the event that a member of the Administrative Assembly has been absent from a General Assembly session without legitimate excuse acceptable to the Administrative Assembly.

k.     In the event that any Assembly member has been absent from three sessions consecutively without legitimate reason, the member will be considered as being resigned. The Assembly may invite the non-successful in the latest elections with the highest number of votes successively to replace him. In case such member cannot be found, the Administrative Assembly may fill the vacancy through appointing a new member of the society in that vacancy.

l.       In the event that three members resigned altogether or in different periods during the year, and no other member were available to replace them according to the latest elections, the General Assembly will be invited to an emergency meeting for electing new members instead of those who have already resigned.   

m.  In the event that four or more Administrative Assembly members have resigned altogether or different times all the Assembly members will be considered as being resigned. Then the remaining Administrative Assembly members will call the General Assembly until the end of the present term and no later than two months.

n.     The Administrative Assembly will resign if a tow-third majority of the attending members abstained from giving a vote of confidence unto it during a legal session.

o.     In case of any dispute between the administrative Assembly members which could not be solved, the issue will be referred to the General Assembly to take a decision on that issue.

p.    The Administrative Assembly shall be entitled to give approval for forming sub-committees of the Society in the governments provided that the number of founders will be at least ten members. These founders may elect an administrative Assembly may form ad hoc groups for the sub-specialists provided that the founding members will be at least five members, and that the group will elect a rapporteur for the group our these members.


Article Eight: Financial Matters:

a.     The Society's financial year will be the calendar year.

b.     Member ship fees will be twenty dinars.

c.      Annual subscription will be twenty dinars payable on 1st January of each year.

d.     Society will accept donations and subscriptions from the association, government, associations and individuals.

e.      The Administrative Assembly represented by the treasurer will submit the society's final accounts until 31/12 of each year, and will draw up a draft budget for the following year to be approved by the General Assembly during the annual meeting.

f.       Expenses will be paid within the framework of the regular annual budget by the General Assembly according to decisions taken by the Administrative Assembly. Payment documents shall be signed by the chairman or the vice-chairman along with the treasure of secretary.

g.     The treasurer may disburse a sum of no more than on hundred any fifty dinars without revering to the Administrative dive Assembly.


Article Nine: Miscellaneous Items:

a.     Public laws and regulations specially the Jordan physicians Associations law shall be adopted concerning every thing that has not been stipulated in this bylaw.

b.     This bylaw shall be amended at the request of the Administrative assembly or one-forth of the General Assembly members during a legal session provided that invitation to attend the session will be addressed at least one month earlier. Amendment will be adopted with the approval of the majority of attending members.

c.      The society will be dissolved according to decision taken by the General Assembly on the basis of a two-third majority of attending members during an extraordinary session to be held for this purpose. The Society's movable and immovable assets will be transferred to the Jordan physicians Association.



This bylaw has been issued on 27/4/1962 and amended on 9/6/2006.