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Membership Benefits

  • There are more than five hundred members out of seven hundred General Registrar members, and we hope that everyone involved in the society because of its great benefit to members as will be recalled later.

  • JPS invites the members and their spouses in a euphoric atmosphere to dinner in the early summer of each year and at the expense of the society.

  • Reduced rate for members (50-70%) from the actual charge of the registration fees for the local scientific conferences.

  • JPS is currently holding a regional conference in May 5, 2009 at Le Royal Hotel, Amman, Jordan; that the JPS hold a conference every two years in each election cycle.

  • JPS organizes scientific and social trips to the members and their families yearly within and outside the Kingdom at a symbolic and appropriate reduced rate.

  • Launching and updating the website to become the leading important services to members and their patients.

  • Using SMS messages and newsletter by e-mails to contribute scientific, educational, social circulars to members.

  • Members will be provided with educational leaflets for patients for all common diseases of children, and these leaflets will be published on the website or to be sent by e-mail to members, so they can print it out as a reference.

  • JPS site will provide e-mail to each member.

  • A member can participate in scientific journals and important periodicals via his/ her membership of JPS.

  • Access to some lectures and seminars, conferences held in Jordan and abroad, after the approval of the authors to be published in JPS website, and to publish the lectures and articles of the members if they would like to do so.

  • JPS will establish a Forum for members in which they can engage and discuss the medical and health topics for children.

   Finally, the JPS will not grow, without your cooperation and your contribution, as we have the pleasure to receive your point of views and criticisms.

 God bless ..