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New Members

The Adminstrative members welcome


the following new members:


- Dr. Zeyad Abdullatif Ahmad

- Dr. Medhat Othman Salem Eqtait

- Dr. Wajdi Mahmoud Qasem Amayreh

- Dr. Latifeh Mahmoud MAraqa

- Dr. Wael Hayel Khraisat

- Dr. Omar Mansour Ibrahim Abu Shareia

- Dr. Rania Suliman Hasan Atieyeh

- Dr. Lama Taiseer Lubadah



- Dr. Osama Tawfeeq Abu Salah

- Dr. Nebal Rudwan Oqlah Shawaqfeh

- Dr. Ghaleb " Mohammad Faisal" Aref Abu Hwij

- Dr. Issa Ali Khashashneh